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Android Calculator Plus 4.7.0

Written By Kau BeTeBe on Jumat, 11 April 2014 | Jumat, April 11, 2014

Calculator Plus 4.7.0 Name Calculator with elegant design for your Android phone and tablet. The software has a beautiful appearance and storage facilities such as calculations, the backspace, high-speed, large buttons, standard spacing, full-screen viewing mode of computation used in smartphones and tablets, and in itself. If you exit the application and to do other things to pay, all calculations will remain and return back into the calculator, you will see them and you do not need to enter this number. Back to the previous calculation is easily possible. That does not have to start from scratch all mathematical operations. But you chose the wrong spot and change it.


# Compatible all model Android Device [Phone & Tablet]

Download link Calculator Plus 4.7.0

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