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SlimBrowser 7.00 Build 091

Written By Kau BeTeBe on Senin, 14 April 2014 | Senin, April 14, 2014

SlimBrowser 7.00 Build 091 Final browsers have different forms depending on the needs of users are using, options such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and other browsers, but there are always a large fan Perhaps, but the name also not mentioned by have a lot of good times, some users to absorb. SlimBrowser name of one of several features in the browser to surf to users. The software is very good for quickly opening a web page takes advantage of a well designed and attractive user interface and menus on the same attractive design for the so-called hand Surfing the extra's easy. Low volume, coordination with other browsers, compatible with various web standards, high security safe for browsing, and especially personal information, and many other options that are also available in most browsers is eye SlimBrowser software,. The new version of the tools recently presented largely more efficient than the previous version and it was therefore for users to work be easier.

Download link SlimBrowser 7.00 Build 091

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